For the US, The War Is Represented By Two Battleships

Posted on: December 7, 2014 by: leftturns190
The tale of two Famous Battleships - the USS Arizona and the USS Missouri

The Tale of two famous battleships. Our involvement in WWII started with the destruction of the battleship USS Arizona on December 7, 1941, and ended with the surrender of Japan, in Tokyo Bay, on the 2nd September 1945 aboard the USS Missouri.


December 7, 1941: A date which will live in infamy! The Japanese have a different perspective on the causes of the war, which differ from mine, but are not entirely untrue.

In their WWII war museum, the Japanese point to our oil and economic embargoes as the cause of the war. While that is technically true , it is not the WHOLE truth. The fact is that they needed to be stopped. In the ’30’s and ’40’s Japan was an evil, fascist regime. All that needs to be mentioned to prove that fact is the “Nanking Massacre” – and there were other crimes just as bad or worse committed by the Empire  of Japan.

So, when Japan claims we “forced them into war” with our embargo, they are correct – but only because they were an evil country which wouldn’t even consider the demands of civilized nations that they stop their atrocities and discontinue their reign of terror, genocide and the occupation of other countries. The United States, and our president knew we were headed to war with Japan years before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

In  a recent “Stars and Stripes” article by Gordon Jackson of The Brunswick News he states “Pearl Harbor was relatively undefended because military leaders expected Japan, which is 4,000 miles away, to attack the Dutch West Indies (I am CERTAIN the author meant the Dutch EAST Indies, the Indonesia of today, mainly for their rubber), Singapore or Indochina.”

To  that I say “bull carp”. Wake and Midway islands were doing their dangest preparing for and EXPECTING an attack for over a year and not getting very much support from FDR.

FDR was doing the OPPOSITE of his earlier relative/president’s policy: FDR was “speaking loudly while carrying a teeny little twig”. Everyone with a brain KNEW we were headed to war… including FDR! We were FORCING Japan into war with the oil embargo, and I agree with the embargo policy, we just shoulda also PREPARED to kick some arse starting in ’36 – or earlier – not playing typical Democrat politics where you “lead from behind” because you don’t have the guts to be a REAL leader. While we had a formidable Navy, it had it’s problems – aging battleships being one, and our army was one of the smallest in the world… smaller inf fact than a  lot of “third world” nations. Presidents like Washington, Adams and Reagan AVOIDED major wars by following the policy expressed in Teddy Roosevelt’s famous phrase “Speak softly and carry a Big Stick”

If we had prepared for war like we should have in early to mid ’30’s, not only could the attack on Pearl Harbor have been averted, but perhaps the War in the Pacific and maybe even ALL of WWII could have been avoided. At the very least, we would’ve had war on our OWN terms! Instead we started the war receiving a “sucker punch” and a shot to the kidneys! We were completely unprepared! Everyone knew we were headed to war. So in my opinion, not preparing the country physiologically and militarily for it was a crime by FDR. Peace through Strength! Washington and Adams understood it; as did Teddy. FDR certainly should’ve known better.

Think about it: The politicians tried to blame it all on the Commander of Pearl Harbor for not being prepared, while at the SAME TIME it was all a “big surprise” to the Commander in Chief FDR! Only sheople buy into carp like that.

Japan is a great, peaceful country today, but that is due to the Enola Gay and the sacrifices of thousands of American and Allied soldiers who served in the armed forces – and especially those who gave their lives for freedom and peace. Our country, and more particularly, our leaders, should have learned the lessons taught in the histories of these two great battleships: the USS Arizona and the USS Missouri, but how quickly some seem to forget the lessons of history.