3WA Fantasy League Results 2014

Posted on: November 19, 2014 by: leftturns190

harvick 2014 NASCAR champ

Congrats to the Harvick’s, Tony, Rodney and all of SHR! 2014 Champs!


Four Wide Fantasy League

Congrats to “Backyard Bonfire” for winning the 4Wide game! Great job! Congrats! Several leaders this season and it was close all year… especially considering each team has 8 drivers every week and almost never was there two teams with the same drivers. Was a real fun game. Hope a lot of you play next year!

Want to give a BIG thanks to Karfil for doing all the work setting up the game, and then adding up the results. I used to do it several years ago, so I know the hassle involved and really appreciate him taking it over. He’s a hard core NASCAR fan… lives in Europe and stays up in the middle of the night to watch the races… why we call him “Iron Man”. 🙂

4Wide NASCAR Fantasy Game Results 2014


Yahoo League

Cord Rotz the big Champ! Thought FOR SURE I was going to catch him about 6 races ago, and then “BOOM, Bang Bing, there goes my team!”

Dagnubit! Next year buddy! Next Year!

PenskeFan gets cudos for the come back team. Won 5 races in a row, and passed me for the first loser position at Homestead!

Thanks to all of you who joined and made it fun with my lame last minute warning. Next season I will make sure to get on the ball quicker and send out invites MUCH earlier than a day or two before Daytona! lol

I hope more of you join. It’s real fun… good group.. helps you appreciate the races more too cause you start following guys racing deeper back in the field who are on your team. Pretty straight forward, easy game. As is the Fox game… Going to do a League next year for than one. Fox is a little easier than Yahoo, but still easy and fun to play.

We also have our own league, which we will be doing next season. It’s also straight forward. Two tiers and you pick 4 drivers from each tier for a total of 8. That was new this season, and worked out great! Just about everyone was fighting for the lead all season.. amazing how close it was and still is from first to last – more so because almost every week, no two people had the same team.

Yahoo Fantasy League Results 2014 season

Fox Team Fantasy League

I had much better luck in this league – battled it out with my boy in the last segment. I didn’t have very many “Boom, Bang, Bings” for my Fox team this year.. but boy, some great players did. They made my “BOOMS” in Yahoo league that got me so riled look tame in comparison. I saw some GREAT teams they’d pick just get wrecked and make it look like they picked all “start and parkers”. Feel for ’em, cause I think I get more frustrated when a good team blows up than anyone else! In fact I think I can guarantee that… I am CERTAINLY the most vocal complainer when a good pick blows up or gets wrecked! lol Too bad though, cause most if not all of them picked WAY better teams than their scores reflect. But that happens! All you can say is “NEXT YEAR!”

As you can tell, I gave 20 hours notice before Daytona for this league.. so will send out notices WAY earlier next year. Hope a lot of you will join. Format is easy to understand…. strategy slightly easier than Yahoo… maybe about the same… guess it just depends on how your brain is wired. 🙂

Fox NASCAR Fantasy Team Results 2014


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