NASCAR Fan Vote Scam

Posted on: May 16, 2014 by: leftturns190

Story I wrote about the fan vote last year. It all still applies.

The Fan Vote

The only change I’d make to the All Star is the fan vote. Don’t get me wrong, I LIKE the fan vote, but letting people vote HUNDREDS of times, and then some votes even count DOUBLE just makes a mockery of having a “vote”. The system also opens it up to computerized programed “bots” which can make thousands and thousands of votes. And yes, they can get past the CAPTCHA – there are foreign companies who will even do the CAPTCHA by hand for as low as 50 cents per THOUSAND. So, for $50.00 you could pay for 100,000 votes for your favorite green car driver!

I wonder how much someone like – let us say GoDaddy would pay? If you vote using Sprint, your vote counts twice! So it’d only be $250 bucks for a MILLION votes! $25K for a HUNDRED MILLION votes!! Chump change for them! Last place prize money pays almost FOUR TIMES that much, and to most top teams that means nothing compared to the prestige of being in the race!

Anyone who thinks their vote means anything at all is seriously deluding themselves.

To add insult to injury, NASCAR loves it cause all these fools vote over and over again thinking they’re making a difference in a pre determined  “vote” while racking up all these page views for NASCAR’s site making them lot’s of extra $$ in advertising! Then the fooled all breathlessly tune into the race to see if their vote counted making NASCAR more TV $$! All that, and being able to manipulate the outcome by selectively “catching” vote spammers who vote for who they don’t like, while letting the one’s who vote for who they do like get away with it, is why they turn a blind eye to this joke of a system.

To illustrate selective policing of spam voting that I’m sure all Junior fans will remember, I’ll reference you to all the votes on Fox they had a few years ago that showed 70% + thought Junior sucked at driving. The talking heads had a field day with those! DW used to love to quote those spammed polls on TV, talking about how things were changing for Junior (Dave “Disdains NASCAR & Especially Junior” used to love to quote ‘em even more on Wind Bag Tunnel) right up until DW himself got spammed for a vote about whether to keep saying “Boogity! Boogity!, Boogity!! Then, instantly, he magically saw the light on spam polling and wrote another article pronouncing his vote was hacked!

To fix this problem and make the vote LEGITIMATE, NASCAR needs to limit it to one vote per member of the NASCAR site. Managing bogus memberships is MUCH easier than managing bogus votes. As it is now, it’s nothing but a sham, which is why NASCAR won’t release the vote numbers because then it’d be obvious to all what a silly SCAM it is!


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