Carl Edwards Wins the Food City 400 Cup Race At Bristol

Posted on: March 16, 2014 by: leftturns190

carl edwards win food city 400 cup race at bristol 2014-1


Strange ending to a great, hard fought from back to front race. Some of the caution light’s flickered on and then it started pouring… little over 2 laps from the finish. I have a feeling it was just a short in the system from all the rain, but nobody knows anything for sure yet. The Ford’s were real strong, so Red’s happy. 4 Ford’s in the top 5 and might’ve been Ford 1-6 if the Penske cars didn’t have their issues.

One guy who wasn’t “happy” was my boy Harvick. Another strong day and good finish ruined by a parts failure. Rodney isn’t sure what caused the fire in the #4 car, but he told Kevin he thought it was a tire rubbing against an oil line. Anyway, real frustrating for us Harvick fans.

But congrats Ford fans! Impressive day! We asked Red for comment and he wanted to inform everyone that:




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