Very good story from Ryan McGee on the #3 coming back

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Dale Earnhardt 1994

Great read from Ryan McGee ESPN

No matter how much you cried after Earnhardt’s death, you didn’t cry as much as Childress. And no matter how much you may have stressed, struggled and lost sleep over the future of Earnhardt’s number and legacy, you have no idea how many sleepless nights it has caused Childress. The first of which took place on Feb. 18, 2001.

That was the night after Earnhardt’s death. When he stood on a floating dock in Daytona at the home of NASCAR president Mike Helton and decided, to hell with it all, he was getting out of racing altogether. It had killed friends before. Now it had killed his best friend. He was done.

But then he remembered a conversation by a campfire seven years earlier. A horrible horse riding accident during a hunting trip in New Mexico had nearly killed Childress and Earnhardt both. That night they made a promise to one another that if one of them ever died, even if it was in a race car, that the other would keep going.

So, when Earnhardt was gone, Childress kept his promise and kept going. But not before shelving the No. 3 (he took 29 only because it was the next one available that was closest to his other car number) until the time was right to bring it back. “If,” he’s often said to me, “that time ever comes.”

Now it has.

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