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Posted on: December 3, 2013 by: leftturns190


I started racing go carts and dirt bikes in the early 60s . went to the local race track in the 60s . always liked racing .

I joined the army in 1974 . stationed in Washington DC from June 75 till Nov. 77 . When Ii got out, I started working for AT&T as a lineman . I worked mostly northern ca coast . I retired in 2002 with 25 years.

A friend introduced me to black powder shooting in 95 . I fell in love with the sport . I really enjoy the kids there . some as young as 3 years old shooting dads big guns.

I started watching NACAR on TNN in the 80s . Now I’m hooked.

My favorite driver will always be Dale Sr. Among active drivers too many favs to mention . Top 3: Dale Jr , Tony Stewart, Kevin Harvick .

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